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Sherpas… Himalayan people living in Nepal and Tibet who are famous for their skill as mountain guides
Interesting that The Leadership Roundtable has been described as Sherpas… guiding clergy and lay leaders on a journey of change and growth, helping with some of the “heavy lifting”, providing resources and feedback.  What is the motivation?... 

The Vision:

Growing the number of churches that are effectively led and equipped to serve the Kingdom of God with excellence and relevance in their local communities and the world.

The Purpose:

The Leadership Roundtable team exists to train, equip, motivate and mentor church leaders in ways that contribute to the greater effectiveness of their church.

How we lead and how we are led is a huge challenge, especially in times of great change.  Leading a church is considered, by many experts, to be one of the most difficult jobs in society.  The Leadership Roundtable is there to help.  Please navigate the information on this site to learn more.


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Spiritual gifts are important, but more than that they are rooted in Scripture.  The Leadership Roundtable team believes that the discovery of spiritual gifts by all current leaders, prospective future leaders and those who are considering volunteer service in any role is essential to effective ministry.  The discovery of one’s spiritual gifts is personally empowering and corporately beneficial.

Below you will see three separate spiritual gifts documents, in .pdf format so you can print them for your use:

The Questionnaire is the main document to be completed.  Every question needs to be answered quickly – almost impulsively – that is, do not take time to analyze what you think the “best” answer should be.  For each question, insert the value indicated in the header, in the category that best describes you (e.g. if you answer “much” give yourself a score of 3).

The Chart is the form on which you record your “scores” upon full completion of the Questionnaire (e.g. if the value you give to the first question is 3, you would show in Row A:  1 = 3).

The Definitions and Scripture References provides the gift corresponding to each row in the Chart.  The letter to the left of each described gift matches the letter of the Row on the Chart.

Here are a few essentials for the process of discovering your spiritual gifts:

  1. It is best done in a setting where the completion of the Questionnaire is preceded by some led teaching and study on spiritual gifts, including some examination of the Scriptures.
  2. Once a Questionnaire has been completed, the tallying of its results (on the Chart) and the discovery and interpretation of the gifts identified by the results (via the Definitions) should be done with at least one trained advisor, whether your pastor or another mentor.
  3. Initially, it is best to focus on the two or three most “dominant” gifts identified.
  4. Once you have identified your gifts through this process it is important to openly share your discoveries and to gain the affirmation of other trusted believers.

The entire experience of spiritual gifts discovery should be bathed in prayer at all times.
Enjoy the discovery and give God thanks for the ways in which He has gifted you!

Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

Answer Chart

Definitions and Scripture References

I can't think of a more challenging time ... This is the most complicated (I would say fearful) time ... but I'm very respect-filled of the challenge of senior church leaders ... This is the time for full-on help from the Holy Spirit, full-on help from resources and relationships.
-Bill Hybels


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